Study Resources

Effective Study

  1. Make sure your place of study is quiet, airy and free of distractions
  2. Try to study at a regular time every day.
  3. Organise your subjects over the week, allocating a regular time to each subject.
  4. Decide on the length of the study blocks, building in regular 5/10 minute breaks each hour.
  5. Check your list of work to be done. First do what needs to be done for the next day.  Then spread the rest of the work out depending on what day it is due.   Always build in revision time.
  6. Decide what you need to get done in each block of study.

Choose your study methods

Choose the study method that suits you best:

  • Writing out main points
  • Using mind-maps or spider grams to link main points
  • Putting important points/formulas/dates onto a summary poster
  • Learning and testing yourself
  • Recording the material and listening to it


Useful Downloads

See below for study templates and a guide for parents