Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) contributes to developing the work of the school in promoting the health and well-being of children and young people.  This happens in the context of their emotional,moral,social and spiritual growth, as well as their intellectual,physical,religious and creative development. SPHE covers areas which are pertinent to RSE particularly in the areas of self-esteem, assertiveness,communication and decision making skills.  It is for this reason that the concepts of SPHE compliment the objectives of RSE as both subjects deal with a healthy attitude towards self, others and sexuality.  Using SPHE as a foundational basis for covering RSE is an effective and necessary undertaking.

RSE which is located in the overall framework of SPHE, has specific aims:

  • To help young people understand and develop friendships and relationships
  • To promote an understanding of sexuality
  • To promote a positive attitude to one’s own sexuality and to one’s relationship with others
  • To promote a knowledge and respect for reproduction
  • To enable young people to develop attitudes and values towards their sexuality in a moral, spiritual and social framework all the while maintaining the ethos of the school
  • To provide opportunities for students to learn about relationships and sexuality in ways that helps them think and act in a moral, caring and responsible way

Time Frame for RSE Senior Cycle module 2018/19

Transition Year Module

10 weeks beginning after midterm break in February.

Topics include Healthy Relationships, Self Esteem,Communication and Human Sexuality

Fifth Year RSE Module

6 weeks beginning after midterm in February

Topics include Dealing with Feelings, Understanding Boundaries, Sexual Orientation, Human Reproduction

Sixth Year RSE Module

6 weeks beginning after midterm in February

Topics include Loving Relationships, Intimacy, Marriage, Influences and Values